Ian McNally

Jay and I met at the Master's Swim workouts at La Jolla High School. In late May 2012, I mentioned to Jay that in late August I was planning to walk the John Muir Trail, a 220 mile hike from Yosemite to Mount Whitney. When Jay asked me how I was preparing for this walk, I told him that I intended to add a few more hills and endurance swims to my swimming and running workouts. He suggested that, in addition to these activities, I also train with him for a few months to strengthen my "core".

I had heard of core strength but had no idea what it felt like or how effective it could be for a long distance hike. Because Jay is so likable, easy going and extremely knowledgeable about physical training and nutrition (look at him: he practices what he preaches), I decided to give it a try for two months. My goal was to strengthen my core and learn about nutrition so that I could comfortably complete the John Muir Trail in about 15 days (averaging 15 miles/day).

Not only did I feel comfortable for the entire walk, I averaged 20 miles day (completed the JMT in 11 days), and was by far the fastest and fittest hiker I saw on the entire trail! It was almost embarrassing to tell other hikers where I started that morning or where I was camping that night. Being so comfortable in my body, I spent all day long enjoying the extraordinary landscapes I was walking through. My core strength blew me away. By initiating my stride from my core (and not my legs), I could walk/hike 2.5 mph for hours, without fatiguing. I wasn't even winded when I summited Forester Pass (13,200ft) or Mount Whitney (14,500ft) !!

Thank you, Jay and May, for preparing me so effectively for my John Muir Trail walk!! This was a milestone achievement in my life and I am grateful to have completed it so comfortably and so successfully.

Dr. John Johnson, MD

My goal was to improve my endocrine function, decrease body fat and increase lean muscle mass. In just a few weeks, I can see positive results and during a recent visit to Florida, friends and family commented on how healthy I look.  My expectations were that giving up processed carbohydrates would almost be impossible, but in fact after doing so, I feel so much better, that I don't really miss them at all.  I like the immediate results of improved energy and loose clothes.  Many friends and family are skeptical but several have expressed interest in Jay and May's approach.  I've learned that eating strategically rather than compulsively results in rapid positive results.

At age 40, my goal was to lose a few pounds and adjust my diet to my specific age.  In the beginning, I wasn’t sure if I could do it, but after just 1 month, I’m seeing amazing results.  What surprised me the most was that I didn’t have to stop eating in order to lose the weight.  The meal plan, along with my exercise, gives me a sense of well-being that I haven’t had in many years.  With Jay and May’s Nutrition Program, I’ve learned that I have the possibility to change my body almost as desired.  It reminds me of how good it feels to be fit!

Cecilia A.

“I have found a new way to approach food and exercise.  I am doing it for myself and taking care of myself.  I cannot thank Jay and May enough for guiding and supporting me through this process.  I do not feel hungry but rather feel energized and my taste buds have become enhanced.  It is a pleasure to eat, taste the food, and know that I am nourishing my body.

Dr. Lisa Lipschitz, MD